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Cryptocurrency and Real Estate

Buy Real Estate in Georgia with Cryptocurrency

Investors are increasingly deciding to buy real estate in Georgia with cryptocurrency. We share the buying process step by step.
Tbilisi - Georgia

Why businesses are successful in Tbilisi, Georgia

Businesses choose Georgia for its comfortable tax policy for foreigners, stable economy and investment attractiveness.
Tax Residency in Georgia

How to become a Georgian tax resident

Georgia is an optimal choice for tax residency for foreigners. Taxpayers can expect low taxes, an easy way to obtain status and other benefits.
Bitcoin - Cryptocurrency

Getting a Crypto License in Georgia in 2023

Georgia now requires companies working with cryptocurrency to obtain a license from the Central Bank. Regulations were harmonized on January 1, 2023, with instructions on how to register a company operating in the crypto field effective July 1.
Georgia - Residence Permit as Individual Entrepreneur

Residence permit in Georgia as Individual Entrepreneur

One of the popular ways to obtain a residence permit in Georgia for a non-resident is to register an individual entrepreneur (IE). As IE you can apply for the residence permit if your income amounts to a minimum of 50 thousand lari (GEL).
Open a business in Georgia

How to open easily a business in Georgia

According to the law “On Entrepreneurs” non-residents in Georgia operate under the same conditions as citizens. We explain you how to open a company as a foreigner effortlessly in a matter of days.
Statistics on residence permit applications in Georgia

Georgian residence permits issued to Russian citizens – Statistics 2022-2023

Exclusive update with infographic of the numbers of approved, rejected, and pending residence applications for Russian citizens during the last year in Georgia.
Real Estate Hacks

Real Estate in Georgia: How to invest safely

Georgia is a tourist country that attracts investors. Here are our legal tips to safely invest in Real Estate and quickly recoup your investment.

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