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PB Services offers advisory, commercial, accounting, company establishment & administration, bank account management services, as well as assistance with real estate management, visa and residence support.

Services for Businesses

Company Registration in Georgia

Fast, Easy, Reliable Business Registration in Georgia.

Individual Entrepreneur Registration

You pay only 1% tax on income up to EUR 125 000.

Accounting & Bookkeeping

Outsourcing accounting services is never a bad idea.

For Individuals & Expats

Personal Bank Account

Save your funds in one of the most developed banks of modern era.

Visa & Residency Support

Georgia has one of the easiest to get residence permits in the world.

Georgian Tax Residency

You will gain plenty of advantages for your generated income.

Why choose Georgia?

Georgia has worked very hard to make doing business easy. 15 years of reform have led to numerous international organizations’ ranking Georgia among top performers:

n.7 in the world for ease of carrying out business

n.8 in terms of countries with low taxes

Among the top 10 safest countries

The only corruption-free country in the region according to TI international

If you are considering Georgia as your future landing place and need guidance in getting set up here, drop us a line and our professional team will get to work on every aspect of your plans. 

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Our experts answer usually within one hour
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Our experts answer usually within one hour
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