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  • 5% personal income tax
  • 0% dividend and VAT 


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Registering a company, collecting and analysing all necessary documents

We will help you smooth out the registration process and analyse all documentation used to obtain international company status.

Accounting and financial reporting

We can provide you with a full range of accounting and financial reporting services on a monthly basis. Services align with international standards and Georgian legislation. 

Finding IT professionals or getting your employees to Georgia

Staff can come from anywhere, but hiring local employees can simplify operations and reduce company costs.

Finding office for your company

We can offer high-quality class A offices, as well as offices of relatively low categories B and C. Or even general co-working spaces.

About International IT Companies in Georgia

Georgian government made changes to existing tax legislation for the purpose of attracting IT companies. After issuing Resolution No. 619 International Company status is available to legal entities working in information technology. Companies enjoying International IT company status are exempt from VAT and dividend tax and benefit from a minimum 5% tax on the personal and corporate incomes. 

What are the requirements?

2 years working experience is must.

The company must:

  • be working in Georgia for at least 2 years

  • register a branch of a company registered abroad with at least 2 years of experience

  • be a foreign-owned (at least 51%) Georgian company. In this case the mother company should have experience in information technology for at least two years

Applicant must submit an application to revenue services to obtain International IT company status

In addition, company seeking for the International Company status must have a physical presence (office and staff) and must work from Georgia.

Here you can find the list of services that International IT company may provide. 

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Taxation In International IT Companies

Taxes in Georgia For a Mainland Company For International IT Company
VAT 18% 0%
Corporate Income Tax 15% 5%
Tax on Dividend Withdrawal 5% 0%
Personal Income Tax20%5%

Important Notes On International IT Companies

Additional Tax Incentives

If acting properly, International IT company can decrease the profit base, from where the profit tax of 5% is calculated. 

Spending on:

  1. Salaries paid to Georgian citizens
  2. Expenses for research, design, and development work carried out in Georgia

Can be excluded from taxable profit base.

For example if company has a profit 100 000 USD, but it pays 15 000 USD for Georgian employee salaries and 10 000 USD for research and development in Georgia, those expenses will be excluded from 100 000 USD. So, company will pay corporate profit tax from 75 000 USD (instead of 100 000 USD).

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