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  • Georgia’s IT Virtual Zone is the place for you.
  • Special Tax exemptions for IT companies at a 5% tax rate.


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IT Virtual Zone Companies in Georgia

Georgian legislation favours companies involved in the development and sale of IT products. Companies enjoying IT virtual zone status are exempt from VAT and corporate profit tax and benefit from a minimum 5% tax on the distribution of dividends.  These are the requirements:

  1. Registration of a new company in Georgia
  2. An application to obtain virtual zone company status
  3. Physical presence (office and staff) and actual operations from Georgia is mandatory

The company must satisfy the following conditions:

  1. virtual zone entity – a legal entity carrying out information technology activities that has been assigned the corresponding status;
  2. information technology – the study, support, development, design, production, and implementation of computer information systems, as a result of which software products are produced.

All procedures require a maximum of 12 days.

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Taxation for IT Virtual Zone Companies

Taxes in Georgia For Mainland Company For IT Virtual Zone Company
VAT 18% 0%
Corporate Profit Tax 15% 0%
Tax on Dividend Withdrawal 5% 5%
Personal Income Tax20%20%

Some Possible Payment Methods

These methods have been tested by us and work for Georgian IT companies

TBC Bank
Montify Logo

Important Notes On Virtual Zone IT

Proper Work Plan

A Virtual Zone IT company in Georgia offers tremendous tax incentives. Your company pays only 5% tax on dividends.

However, without a proper working plan, taxes for your company may increase significantly. Services you purchase from abroad can increase your exposure to taxes by up to 33%. To avoid unpleasant surprises all you need is to get a proper working plan in advance. In other words, to get a proper consultation before starting a Georgian IT company.

Proper Banking Solution

Who needs a company without banking?! Georgian banks have become more difficult to deal with recently. They have become averse to client transactions not related to Georgia. 

However, Georgia does allow companies to possess a foreign bank account as well as digital banking solutions. There are two primary issues that need to be resolved simultaneously for an IT virtual zone Georgia company:

  • Fast and reliable international transactions in different currencies
  • Taxes paid in Georgia

Both issues can be resolved by using a combination of international and local banking services. Please contact us for a detailed consultation.

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