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Our team of experienced lawyers will help you navigate the Georgian tax law, with a full spectrum of commercial and legal services that will save you time and money.

Here’s how we help you

Our vast spectrum of legal services includes

Document Preparation Services

Employment, Purchase and Sale, Lease, Legal Documentation and Memo Preparation services, and more. Our team gets all the paperwork done with all rights reserved. We have vast experience in the preparation of legal documents. As well the accompanying expert understanding of law that can resolve all your legal issues.

Agreements Preparation Services

Marketing, Sales, Consultancy and Service Agreements, confidentiality agreements, and so much more. Our lawyers can provide you with all the necessary agreements in accordance with the law.

Litigation & Dispute Resolution Services

Despite our best intentions to avoid disputes, they can still arise. Of course when they do, you need to have the right partner to resolve them. We are here to assist you in the process of litigation and dispute resolution.

Financial and Legal Advice Services

We safeguard our clients by guaranteeing that they follow Georgian legal guidelines. Furthermore provide professional legal advice to company management about all relevant legal issues.

POA and Representation

A Power of Attorney means legal services can be provided in Georgia from anywhere in the world without even leaving the comfort of your own home. In a word, we can be your representative in every state institution and government authority here in Tbilisi, Georgia.

Licenses and Permits

Our team will help you in obtaining licenses and permits for your business activities in the area of Tbilisi, Georgia. Furthermore, within all Free Zone areas as well.

Tax Law

We can help you plan your taxes and even minimize them. In addition, we are here to submit your tax declarations and other documents for government bodies.

Support in corporate governance

We can offer a variety of services in corporate governance that include the following:- Board and committee meetings management; - Annual meetings of shareholders – including proxy statement; - Maintaining corporate records; - Managing subsidiaries; - Managing share transfers and dividends; - Be the governance liaison for officers and directors; - Conducting annual board evaluation; - Advising on corporate governance and best practices; - Advising on compliance with relevant laws and regulations; - Governing businesses and other entities; - Implementation of corporate restructuring exercises; - Drafting and updating HR policies and other governance policies and procedures.

Intellectual Property

We offer a wide range of intellectual property services and expertise to safeguard your intangible assets. Specifically it includes: trademark registration, copyright registration, patent registration services etc.

Why choose us

  • Commercial and legal services with a One Stop-Shop Format
    Our experts are capable of providing not only the legal support. Moreover we are able of assisting you in economic and business environment related issues.
  • Your legal outsourcing partner
    We can be your long-term legal outsourcing partners and thereby reduce your operational costs. Briefly, we protect you from possible risks in legislation.
  • Full service law firm
    No matter what kind of legal service you need, our experts are at your disposal to assist you in every aspect of the law. Starting from document preparation and ending with professional representation. We can provide you with legal advice and business support.

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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Who Can Receive Legal Services From You?

We provide our service to businesses and individuals. Hence, we work for anyone looking for a reliable legal partner in his/her business activities.

What Are The Main Fields You Work In?

We work in the following fields: - Corporate and Business Law; - Company law; - Commercial Law; - Contract law; - Tax law; Licenses and Permits; - Commercial Litigation & Arbitration; - Employment & Work; - Education; - Power of Attorney; - Legalization and many more. We can assist you in all aspects of Georgian law.

Can I Receive All Of The Above-Mentioned Legal Services Remotely?

Of course. With Power of Attorney our team can represent you in all state and legal institutions. Therefore, we handle everything you need in Tbilisi, Georgia.

Can I Get A Free Consultation About My Legal Issue?

We are ready to listen to your requirements and provide a professional consultation for free anytime you need. Contact us to resolve all your legal issues with a one stop-shop format.

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