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Residence permit in Georgia as Individual Entrepreneur

One of the popular ways to obtain a residence permit in Georgia for a non-resident is to register an individual entrepreneur (IE). As IE you can apply for the residence permit if your income amounts to a minimum of 50 thousand lari (GEL).

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Georgia - Residence Permit as Individual Entrepreneur

As Individual Entrepreneur, you can apply for a residence permit if your income amounts to min 50,000 lari for 12 consecutive months (from August to August, if the documents are submitted on September 1, from May to May, if on June 1, etc.). If the turnover reaches the required amount earlier, then there is no need to wait for the expiration of the period. Once you are eligible to apply for the residence permit, PB Services can help you to prepare the documents and get your Work Residence Permit in Georgia.

Benefits of a residence permit as Individual Entrepreneur in Georgia

A residence permit in Georgia is a permission for a foreign citizen to stay in the country for a certain period of time. At the same time, a non-resident does not have all the rights and obligations of a citizen. He or she should not serve in the army. He or she can’t vote. But if a foreigner has lived and worked in Georgia for the last 10 years, then he or she can apply for a passport.

A residence permit as individual entrepreneur in Georgia allows an entrepreneur to:

  • Live in the country and operate without an annual trip abroad to renew the allowable period of residence (so called visa run). Without a residence permit, you can stay here for 365 days, after which you need a “re-arrival”. It is not necessary to leave and re-enter with a residence permit;
  • Apply to the embassies located on the territory of Georgia for a Schengen or other visa. Without a residence permit – this can only be done in the country of citizenship;
  • Send invitations to relatives in the country, including for obtaining a residence permit;
  • Get attractive insurance conditions. So, you can pay for insurance not for all 12 months, but once a month;
  • Non-residents can obtain a permanent residence permit, and after 10 years – citizenship;
  • Entrepreneurs with a residence permit use public services without restrictions;
  • Individual entrepreneurs with a Georgian residence permit, along with citizens of the country, receive discounts when buying tickets to museums and national parks.
  • Only the residents of the country get so called electronic state signature. With this signature they are able to receive most of the state services remotely using the portal

What documents are needed to apply for a residence permit as Individual Entrepreneur?

Before submitting documents, a foreign citizen with status of individual entrepreneur must make sure that he meets a number of conditions:

  • She/he has a confirmation of doing business – an extract from the register of entrepreneurs;
  • She/he resides legally in the country. At the entrance to the passport put a stamp. Add 364 days to this date – at least 40 days must remain before the resulting date. More is better but not more than 90 days. If it turned out less than 40 days, it is better to make a “visa run”. The fact is that documents for obtaining, extending a permit needs to be submitted 40 days before the end of the period of stay;
  • The turnover of the individual entrepreneur is minimum 50,000 GEL per year, and his or her monthly personal income more than five living minimum (overall at least 1250 GEL);

Along with the application, the Individual Entrepreneur must submit:

  1. Passport with notarized translation. The cost of the service is up to 100 GEL. It is important to consider that:
    • the translation must be less than 60 days old. If more, it is invalid;
    • the version of the notarized translation of the full name must be the same in the registration certificate, passport and bank documents. It is better to use the services of a translator.
  2. Georgian Individual Entrepreneur registration certificate;
  3. Individual Entrepreneur tax status certificate;
  4. ID Photos. They can be done while submitting the documents, there are special booths in the building. After taking the photos, you receive a coupon to pay 5 GEL;
  5. Account balance statement. It is desirable that it exceeds 15,000 GEL
  6. Income statement, with an amount of 50,000 GEL per year or more;
  7. Certificate of no debt to the budget.

Cost of obtaining a residence permit as Individual Entrepreneur in Georgia

Write us to find out the cost of obtaining a Georgian residence permit as IE

Steps to obtain a residence permit as Individual Entrepreneur:

Fill the application

Filling out an application online or at the House of Justice, the form will be issued free of charge.

Submit the documents

If the application was filled out online, then within 10 days you need to submit the original documents to the House of Justice. If they are not translated into Georgian, then a translation certified by a notary will be required.

Hold the interview

The interview may be carried out by the immigration officers. (Only in very rare cases)

Pay the state duty

Wait for the decision

The authorities may request additional documents. The House of Justice will issue a confirmation that the application has been accepted for consideration. At the top of the document are written its number and code, and they can be entered on their website to track the status of the application .

Residence permit approval

According to the law, you have 30 days to register at the place of residence and receive an identity card with an ID number (binadroba).

Processing period of the residence permit

The amount you chose to pay for the state duty affects the processing time of the application:

Processing period (number of days)Amount (GEL)

If a non-resident who has received a residence permit as IE continues to comply with the requirements of the legislation that are established for a particular type of permit, then he has the right to extend the permit. Remember that you need to submit an application 40 days before the expiration of the previous residence permit.

Final comments

Starting from 2022, the residence permit has started to be denied for citizens of some countries, on the grounds specified in the Georgian law:

  • Accommodation is inappropriate;
  • There are no grounds for the residence permit or they have disappeared;
  • It’s not in the public interest or poses a security risk.

The residence permit is also refused in case of crimes against peace and humanity, if the applicant is put on the international wanted list or provides false information about himself, as well as in the case of dangerous infectious diseases that pose a threat to the population of Georgia.

Refusal is not the final verdict anyway, you can file a complaint. A Georgian lawyer can help you for $500-700. You also need to pay additional costs, approximately 300 GEL. if the complaint is not accepted – after a month you can try to re-obtain a residence permit on a different basis.

Of course, you can do it yourself, but there are many “pitfalls” waiting for you, and there will be more problems with re-submission, since there is already a refusal. In order not to waste personal resources, it is better to contact specialists.

PB Services lawyers will provide you with qualified assistance in obtaining a residence permit. Our migration lawyers with a proven track record will determine whether there are enough grounds and documents and build a good case and assist you from the moment of application to the receipt of the binadroba.

The whole process will take a few days, and in case of refusal, we appeal the decision in court and re-submit the documents.

Contact our experts to get a residence permit as individual entrepreneur quickly and easily.

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