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Property Valuation Process in Georgia

The process of valuation is conducted by a certified auditor. The evaluator must have the appropriate knowledge, experience and also the certification.

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Real Estate Appraisal

Who and why should use real estate appraisal services in Georgia?

Have you wondered why you might need a real estate appraisal? There are reasons for this: when you want to buy a property or sell it, an official appraisal will help you make an informed decision. In addition, when you want to obtain a residence permit in Georgia based on the real estate you own (or are planning to buy) , an official document that contains an audited price of your property is a must.

Property valuation simplifies the negotiation process for buyer and sellers because you are already sufficiently informed about the market price, and you no longer have to worry that a potential buyer or seller will spontaneously decide to offer an inappropriate price for the property.

In addition, if you decide to buy a real estate in Tbilisi or Batumi or any other parts of Georgia for residence permit purposes (Or to get a Georgian tax residency) you will need an official document proving the value of the real estate. And only the certified companies or individuals are allowed to prepare such real estate appraisal documents. 

Moreover, so-called partial appraisal (appraisal without an official document issued) may give you an idea of what the audit price of the property will be if you purchase it. This will make your decision on buying a real estate in Tbilisi or other parts of Georgia easy.

Considering these and other benefits, more and more individuals and legal entities turn to real estate appraisal services. The process of determining the market value is conducted by a certified auditor. The evaluator must have the appropriate knowledge, experience and also the permission to make a final conclusion.

PB Services team members meet all three of the criteria, so contact us if:

  • You are thinking of buying real estate and want to know its market price in advance
  • Buy real estate and you need to have it appraised for a residence permit
  • You plan to sell real estate and want to set a fair price?

How long does a property valuation take?

As a rule, the process does not require more than 2-3 days. In urgent cases, it can be completed faster. After completion of the assessment procedures, a certified auditor’s certificate is issued, which is acceptable for all public and private structures operating in Georgia.

How is the valuation done in US dollars?

Real estate in Georgia is evaluated in national currency. Therefore, the question often arises – how to calculate the difference if a person wants to value his property in dollars?

It’s simple. The appraiser will determine the value of the property in GEL, and then divide the obtained number by the dollar exchange rate. As a result, we get the exact value in dollars. The value in US Dollars, together with the GEL value, will also be written in the final audit document.

Our service is intended for both legal entities and individuals. The object of assessment can be any type of real estate.

If you don’t need an official audit document, no problems, we can provide a verbal evaluation of the real estate without any complicated documents to make it easy for you to make the decision of buying or selling a real estate.

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