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Why to study university in Georgia

Georgia is considered an educational hub strategically located in the middle of Asia and Europe, where international students can receive worldwide recognized education.

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Why Georgia?

Georgia is undoubtedly a fascinating place. It has several attractive features for international students. The acceptable tuition fees and low cost of living perfectly combined with the geographical area of Georgia; both seaside and mountain resorts are available during the four seasons. The capital city is Tbilisi, which includes old and new parts of city. The country has a population of about 3.7 million, with Georgian as its official language. However, the population of Georgia is characterized by diversity; since immemorial time, various ethnic minorities have inhabited in the territory of Georgia. This factor is proof of the tolerance of Georgians. International students can feel uncertainty about new countries and language barriers; although, there is a high guarantee of a friendly and safe environment for everyone in Georgia. The majority of the young generation is fluent in English.

The cost of living in Georgia

Georgia is certainly considered one of the cheapest places to live in the world. With an average 500 Euro salary per month, you can allocate all your expenses. The one-bedroom apartment in the capital city can be rented for just over 300 euros a month. Naturally, housing gets cheaper according to the location. Monthly utility bills should not exceed 50 euros per month. This includes electricity, gas for heating, water, and internet. The capital and most cities in the country have a well-developed transportation network; the one-way ticket for buses and subway is 1 GEL (0.3 Euro). A taxi ride costs starts from 2 euros. Like other things in the country, food is also relatively cheap; there is a wide variety of Georgian traditional food restaurants that is affordable; however, international cuisine restaurants and fast food are also very popular in the country.

Study in Georgia’s Universities

Georgia has 96 authorized institutions of higher education, recognized worldwide by authorities such as the Bologna Process, the WHO World Directory of Medical Schools, the Educational Commission for graduates in foreign medicine (ECFMG), the World Bank, the Medical Council of India (MCI), the National Medical Commission, the General Medical Council (GMC), Foundation for the Advancement of Education and International Medical Research (FAIMER), the Higher Education Council of Turkey, etc.

Some universities offer programs in English and Russian to meet the growing number of international students, that includes bachelor, master and PhD degrees.

The segment enlarged with state and private universities. University tuition fees in Georgia depend on the course of study and the length of the program. In general, tuition fees for programs in English and other foreign languages are higher than those for programs taught in Georgian.

The admission process

International students are strongly welcome to apply for admission. The process of enrollment is not complicated; the only thing you need is a great willingness to become a student in a foreign country. Universities in Georgia are constantly open to providing knowledge for prosperity and future development. It’s important to mention that during the application process there isn’t any request for an entrance exam; applicants should be admitted based on their English language awareness and high school diploma.

What kind of documents do you need to apply to a university in Georgia?

  • A copy of the applicant’s notarized, translated passport;
  • A translated and notarized copy of an educational document;
  • English proficiency level: minimum B1.

Providing an international English language certificate is not required; it is possible to take an English language exam at the university (online) where the student would like to be admitted.

If there is a need for a visa, the submission process is conscientious and convenient. There is an opportunity to apply online for a visa. Issues with transportation and relocation to Georgia can be handled with a minimum of effort.

To summarize

Universities in Georgia have acquired a strong reputation for excellent academic teaching and education systems. Most universities in Georgia focus on developing a global perspective, hosting some of the best and talented international students in the world.

You can find an exhaustive list of all study programs and Georgian universities that provide a good overview of the opportunities for international students. 

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