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If you're considering or have already decided to invest in real estate in Tbilisi or Batumi, you've come to the right place.

Below are 5 reasons why PB SERVICES should be your number 1 choice

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1. Exclusive Offers

We offer personalized brokerage services tailored specifically for real estate investors. This includes access to a unique database of properties. Some are listed on various selling platforms, while others are exclusive listings available only through us. We believe starting your search with our assistance is a strategic move
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2. Ones Stop Shop

Our team is fully equipped to support you. We have real estate appraisal specialists, lawyers, financial experts, and realtors who are proficient in both English and Georgian. They're all ready to assist you at every step
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3. We are Locals

As locals, we navigate the Georgian real estate market with ease. Negotiating here can be complex, but with us by your side, you won't pay extra just because you're a foreigner. We ensure fair treatment and protect you from potential scams
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4. Our Brokerage Services are Free

Our brokerage services are completely free of charge for you. In Georgia, the real estate brokerage market isn't regulated by the government, but the market has self-regulated in favor of the buyer. This means the seller always pays the commission
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5. Extensive After Purchase Services

We don't just leave you at the purchase phase. We offer comprehensive after-purchase services, including real estate management for both monthly and daily rentals, and assistance with your tax obligations—from consultations to filling out tax declarations and making payments. Additionally, we see great value in supporting you with property renovations, thanks to our trusted team of workers who we've partnered with for many years.

Our Real Estate Services

List of Offers based on your wishes

Property background checks

Whole negotiation with the seller

Legal support throughout the process

Renovation and maintenance team 

Property tax advice and filling

What we offer

  • We work on your side
    You – not the seller – are our primary concern. We provide a personalized service to each client, with the support of a wide network of trusted partners, which earned us an exceptional reputation within the property investment sector.
  • We have an independent approach
    Almost half of all property sales in Georgia are off-market. We connect you to the appropriate individual sellers and developers, with the most updated offers of residential apartments, commercial properties, etc.
  • How do we charge?
    Benefit from our experience and take advantage of our extensive list of available properties. All FREE OF CHARGE. In Georgia, it's the seller who pays commission.

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