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Want to Become a Digital Nomad? Start Your Travel Experience from Georgia

Table of contents Ever wondered how to become a digital nomad? Start from Georgia! Cost of living Visa procedures Setting up a company One of the lowest taxes in the world Co-working spaces Reliable internet connection One of the hospitable nations in the world Safety Language Ever wondered how to become a digital nomad? Start from ...

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Remote Work from Georgia

Ever wondered how to become a digital nomad? Start from Georgia!

Georgia an affordable heaven for digital nomads. For freelancers and start-up developers from all over the world.

Digital nomadism – (“slow travel” as we love to say) becomes more and more popular among the world’s freelancers, such as IT professionals, writers, designers, marketing and communications professionals and e-commerce pros, as well as among traditional workers. Indeed, the trend shows no signs of “slowing down”, with more people valuing their lifestyle and companies offering increased flexibility to attract and retain workers.

Countries such as Georgia has just started becoming a major digital nomad hotspot, attracting more and more people who make their living online. In fact, you can easily find lots of online blogs about the beauty of Georgia (including seaside, hiking and skiing landscapes); its unique cuisine (homeland of wine and lots of unique delicious dishes); great geographical location (combining East and West cultures); architecture (combination of ancient, Soviet and modern); perfect weather; interesting traditions and ways of life. Truly, it is a heaven for digital nomads Georgia. But through this blog I want to mention the most profited and practical advantages of working from Georgia:

Cost of living

Georgia is a budget-friendly destination, with a wide variety of cheap accommodation and food. For example, you can easily rent an entire apartment only for 250 USD per month in the city center. You can have a perfect dinner only for 8 USD at the restaurant.

Visa procedures

Georgia currently has visa-free travel with more than 90 countries in the world. As a result, citizens of those countries may enter and stay in Georgia for one year (365 days). You can check whether you are in the list of those 90 countries on the following link.

Entry and work visas are very simple to be obtained and fill free to ask us for help you in this process.

Setting up a company

Georgia has one of the most business-friendly jurisdictions: attractive tax system; 0% corruption; no minimum capital requirement; no currency restrictions; 100% profit repatriation – this is the shortest list of the advantages Georgia can offer to business-minded people. Trust us! Setting up a company is something we do specialize in: see details here.

One of the lowest taxes in the world

Although Georgia is listed in the least taxed countries in the world, for digital nomads there are special regimes like 5% tax for IT companies and 1% tax for Individual Entrepreneurs.

In addition, if a person spends 183 or more days in Georgia, the Georgian law allows the person to get a tax residence, which means that the person is exempted from the foreign taxes and pays only the lowest Georgian taxes. Thus, people doing their regular international business can legally get rid of unnecessary taxes. We do help foreign residents to obtain tax residence in Georgia.

Co-working spaces

There are more and more shared workplaces that offer you a unique environment which increases the productivity and creativity. Checkout few of them in google: Terminal Tbilisi; Impacthub Tbilisi; KD4US. Most of them offer monthly membership for as little as 180 EUR.

Reliable internet connection

99% of the cafes and restaurants are laptop friendly and have a good internet connection.

One of the hospitable nations in the world

Georgians are very friendly and hospitable; you can guess it on the first day of your arrival. You can easily become a member of the group of friends, who will make sure you fall in love with the country.


Georgia seems to be the cheapest and yet safest and most fun places to live.


most people speak English and some even speak German.

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