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Government Programs in Georgia

Government of Georgia has implemented number of business support programs during last couple of years. Many of them proved to be successful. Access to reliable infrastructure, low cost finance, Needed facilities, tax returns make this project very successful. Thanks to our teams long rooted ties in Government structures, we are able to guide you through all the Government Support Programs.

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Assist in filling up application according to the standards and best practices

Coordination in all the public and private institutions


1. Enterprise Georgia

Georgia is largely dependent on the import of a significant number of manufacturing products. The export potential of the country, enhanced by its strategic location and extremely business friendly conditions, has generally been neglected. For the purpose of righting the situation and promoting local production, government created the Enterprise Georgia program in 2013.

The program is intended to:

– Start a new business – Start-up
– Expand existing business

What does funding include?

– The 10% co-financing of a bank loan interest rate for the first 24 months. So if you take out a loan at 12%, the average loan rate in Georgia, you will pay only 2% for the first two years, the rest being covered by the state.
– Partial collateral guarantee – 50% – for the first 48 months (not exceeding GEL 2,500,000-)

2. Film in Georgia

The great natural diversity of the country makes Georgia a great place to develop the film/movie industry. Following the establishment of the Film in Georgia program, many large companies have taken advantage of this unique opportunity and received a 20% return of expenses in the form of cash-back. The Film in Georgia program is a newly launched film industry incentive program offering a 20% cash rebate on expenses incurred in Georgia. The program aims to support the development of Georgia’s film industry.

An additional rebate of up to 5% is available if a production promotes Georgia as a destination.

Our team will help you organize meetings with top level officials. You will also be assisted in the application process to ensure your project is successful.

3. Host in Georgia

In response to the growing number of tourists in Georgia and for the purpose of furthering developing the hospitality industry, the government has established a program for the co-financing of new local and international brand hotels. If you are interested in being involved in hospitality in Georgia, this program is for you. This program offers:

– 10% Interest Rate Co-financing for the first 2 years – loans in GEL
– Partial collateral guarantee for the first 4 years, 50% of the total loan, with an upper limit of GEL 500,000
– Reimbursement of royalty fees for the use of the international brand (the “franchising” / management contract)

Note: This project covers the whole Georgia with the exception of Tbilisi and Batumi.

4. Plant the future

If your long-term plans include investment in Georgian agriculture, this program is for you. The program envisages co-financing crop cultivation on land leased long-term on the territory of Georgia.

Financing contains the following components:

1. Covering for 70% of the cost of saplings purchased both locally and imported
2. Financing of a maximum of 50% (including VAT) but not greater than 2,500 GEL per 1 hectare of the cost of installation of a drip irrigation system on the agricultural plots of land

Most importantly, this funding is in the form of a grant not to be returned.

If you wish to cultivate the following: apple, raspberry, blackberry, apricot, kiwi, peach, plum, sour cherry, wild plum, olive, persimmon, pomegranate, walnuts, almond, nuts, pear, cherry, quince, pistachio, grape and others, you can contact us and we will advise you about this government support program. This program will significantly reduce your expenses.

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