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Georgia Is the Best Place to Retire: Here’s Why

This article will overview why you should consider Georgia as your place for a comfortable and relaxed life.

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Georgia Place To Retire

Beautiful beaches as if they were a setting of TV promotion, cozy, narrow European streets, delicious cuisine, and the ages-old wine tradition – it’s just a tiny part of what Georgia has to offer to its citizens and guests. In recent years, more and more people have decided to come to Georgia to live, whether they are young people who chose to go freelance or older people who just want to live and enjoy their lives. But what about this place makes people fall in love with Georgia?

Easy Visa Procedures

Georgia offers quite a convenient relocation process for immigrants from various countries. Citizens of 90+ countries, including the EU, can stay in Georgia for a period of 1 year with no visa required and then renew their stay period via visa-run. 

Georgia also offers an immigration visa (D-type visa) that covers all of the work, entrepreneurship, and business activities for those who want to not only relocate but also move their businesses to Georgia. The process of obtaining a visa is relatively quick and easy.   

No Tax on Foreign Income

Georgia does not tax any passive income or income from foreign countries. Hence, if you are a person whose source of income consists of revenue from investments or a retiree who gets pensions from abroad, Georgia won’t tax any of your coming-ins. 

A research conducted in 2021 to determine the cost of the most comfortable retirement around the world concluded that Georgia is indeed the cheapest place to retire, followed by Russia and Ukraine.

Additionally, Georgia has a small business-oriented tax system that offers benefits for businesses and individual entrepreneurs. For instance, the tax rate for individual entrepreneurs and small businesses in Georgia is 1% for the annual turnover between GEL 30,000 and GEL 500,000.

Georgia is Budget-Friendly

In rapidly changing environment, Georgia remains one of the cheapest countries in Europe. Different sources put Georgia somewhere in the middle of the world’s various Cost of Living rankings. While housing and education are rather expensive in the country, the everyday expenses are tangibly more affordable in Georgia than in most countries.

Georgia is Safe

Of course, safety is an important aspect of choosing the country to live in. So, if it is your priority as well, Georgia is a place to consider. The level of crime in the country is very low. It doesn’t mean that there are no basic crimes in the country and everything is like in a fairytale – it’s not. Crimes happen occasionally, as well as political protests and rallies, especially in the capital, Tbilisi. However, everyday life is safe and secure.

Welcoming Social and Cultural Environment

“Every guest is a gift from God,” a Georgian saying states, and it precisely reflects the attitude the guests face when visiting the country. Indeed, social and cultural environments are another critical factor of a comfortable life, and Georgia has something to offer in this spectrum. Despite the fact that Georgians are very hospitable and friendly, the recent inflow of immigrants boosted the development of social environments in all major Georgian cities. Whether you’re looking for co-workings for networking, or cafés and restaurants with Georgian, European, or Asia cousines, workshops and master classes, stand-up shows and concerts – anything you wish for – it’s all here waiting for you.

Georgian Language: Beautiful but Complicated

Language can become an obstacle for those coming to Georgia in the long term. The Georgian language is not similar to any other existing language. In fact, the Georgian language is a part of a completely separate language family called the Kartvelian language family. Hence, if you plan to live in Georgia, it is a good idea to consider learning the language to make the adaptation process smoother and faster. However, most Georgians know at least one or more foreign languages, with English being widely spread.

Georgia’s Cultural Proximity 

Moving to another country doesn’t necessarily mean leaving all your past life behind. You may still want to visit your home country from time to time. In this sense, Georgia has a very comfortable geographic location – at the intersection of Europe and Asia. The logistics within the country are very aligned – trains, buses, and airplanes go from the capital to all the big cities in the country. Major airports in Tbilisi and Kutaisi and a smaller one in Batumi will easily get you to any place you need. 

Georgia Has Good Climate

The climatic zones Georgia is located in vary from the subtropical in the western part of the country to a dry, moderate continental climate in the east. Hence, you can find perfect climatic conditions for you all within the same state or move from one climatic zone to another throughout the year. 

In Western Georgia, the temperature is rarely below 0C, with the average temperature being +4C – +7C in winter. Meanwhile, summers are moderately hot, with an average of +22C – +24C. The only thing that may darken such a pleasant climate is the high humidity and unpredictable rains that sometimes might last several days.

Eastern Georgia, on the other hand, has a relatively dry climate. The average temperature in Tbilisi is 30C in summer, and in winter, it’s rarely below -6C.

However, Georgia is rich with places where you can experience a proper winter with snowfalls, skiing, and frost. Bakuriani, Gudauri, and Goderdzi are three of the most popular winter resorts that welcome visitors from December to April.

So, whether you prefer a subtropical climate, Western Georgia will welcome you with its beaches and sun. And if you prefer a modest environment, Tbilisi and the eastern part of the country are the places to go.

Easy Process for Healthcare Insurance 

But even without it, relocated people say that it’s relatively cheap to get healthcare in Georgia. The basic inspection for international nationals would set you back about GEL 380 (about USD 140). The cost of hospital care is approximately GEL 1000 (about USD 370). Dental services start at GEL 40–100 (USD 15–40) for a general consultation, with additional costs for follow-up care. For example, a tooth filling would run you about GEL 375–750 (USD 140–280), while implants start at GEL 1260 (USD 467).

The best option for non-citizens of Georgia is to obtain private medical insurance either before or after arriving in Georgia because the insurance applies only to Georgian citizens. However, people who do not have insurance still say that it’s relatively cheap to get healthcare. “We had a private room at one of Tbilisi’s top maternity hospitals for four days. We paid for a midwife, a doula, a doctor, some post-care and medicine. The total cost came to less than $1,500 USD,” says Tom, a digital nomad who, along with his wife, moved to Tbilisi.  

Wrapping Up

Georgia is a beautiful country that still has to offer way more than just nature, beaches, and urban entertainment (though, all of these as well!). It gives people from a wide range of countries who search for a place for retirement safety, easy relocation procedures, cheap cost of living, access to healthcare, the possibility to work and run a business online and offline, and a variety of environments so everyone can pick where they want to live more – on the sea coast, in the mountains, or in an urban environment.

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