Latest articles written by Rati

Georgia Joins CRS - What Happens Now?
28 November 2023
What can we expect now that Georgia is a signatory to the CRS? We explore in this article
Guide to Healthcare in Georgia
24 October 2023
How does healthcare operate in Georgia, what should you do in terms of emergency, what hospital to choose and how...
Georgia Economy Report
Georgia in 2023: Report on the Country’s Economy
13 October 2023
In 2023, Georgia ranks 21st out of all European countries in terms of economic freedom.
Georgia College Campus
Why to study university in Georgia
12 October 2023
Georgia is considered an educational hub strategically located in the middle of Asia and Europe, where international students can receive...
Batumi Shota Rustaveli State University (BSU)
Top 10 Universities to study Medicine in Georgia
12 October 2023
If you are planning to study medicine, educational degrees acquired in Georgia are recognized internationally for their professionalism.
Country Flags
Top 5 easiest countries to immigrate to
06 October 2023
With the growing mobility of professionals across borders, many entrepreneurs, freelancers, and digital nomads are looking for new opportunities beyond...
Cryptocurrency and Real Estate
Buy Real Estate in Georgia with Cryptocurrency
28 August 2023
Investors are increasingly deciding to buy real estate in Georgia with cryptocurrency. We share the buying process step by step.
Tbilisi - Georgia
Why businesses are successful in Tbilisi, Georgia
22 August 2023
Businesses choose Georgia for its comfortable tax policy for foreigners, stable economy and investment attractiveness.
Tax Residency in Georgia
How to become a Georgian tax resident
13 August 2023
Georgia is an optimal choice for tax residency for foreigners. Taxpayers can expect low taxes, an easy way to obtain...
Bitcoin - Cryptocurrency
Getting a Crypto License in Georgia in 2023
14 July 2023
Georgia now requires companies working with cryptocurrency to obtain a license from the Central Bank.

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